Citater af Jung

  • “Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious”.  C. G. Jung, Psychological Reflections, p. 281
  • ”Every transformation demands as its precondition ’The ending of a world’ – the collapse of an old philosophy of life (C.G. Jung. Man and his Symbols).
  • ‘If there is anything we want to change in the child, we shoud first exmine it and see whether is is not something that could be better changed in ourselves’. (Applied Jung)
  • “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”.
  • The right way to wholeness  is made up of fateful detours  and wrong turnings.
  • “The tension of opposites is the basis of Jung’s typology (CW 6). Jung says that “life is born only of the spark of opposites” (1953/1966, para. 78) and, quoting Indian philosophy, he suggests that this world must suffer under the pairs of opposites forever, and he advises us not to allow ourselves to be influenced by the pairs of opposites, but to be free, untouched, by the opposites. To rise above them is an essential ethical task, because deliverance from the opposites leads to redemption (1921/1971, para. 327-330).” (Her citeret fra Urhøj, H. i

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